First Matter Mix Tape no.1

First Matter Mix Tape no.1 was compiled during the fall of 2016 as a soundtrack to the creative process. Dedicated to ASP, thank you for your art & constant support. 

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Side A

Marie & the Atom - Miss America

Crawl Unit - II

One of You - Life is Hard

Roberta Eklund - Consumer 

Ross Manning - Delicate Shades of Hell

Mel Bentley - Red Green Blue (an excerpt) 






Side B

Y Pants - The Way Boys Are

Vanity of the Tongue - Pigsty

Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit, Holger Czukay ‎- How Much Are They

Seedmouth- Catalonias Skull

Elodie - side A Excerpt From Musique En Scene 

Idea Fire Company - Metropolis

Slam Camp - Excerpt 

Blue Chemise - My Blanket 

Christian Mirande - Fear of Flying